• Couples Therapy
  • Trauma Counseling
  • Individual Counseling and Coaching

Individual counseling: Life development: overcoming any type of challenge and designing a new way of life.


Relationships: strengthening and healing of present and/or broken relationships. (This includes but is not limited to couples, divorce care and family).


Trauma: dealing with traumatic experiences – for both the person who experienced the trauma as well as those affected by it (e.g. family, loved ones etc.)




Life Coaching:


Life Coaching is a unique paradigm that brings together the best of the therapeutic world and life coaching arena in order to help YOU to make sense of the past, get hope for the future and break it down into practical steps for the here and now.



Business Coaching:


I take a new approach to traditional business development. Whilst most business development companies take a one sided approach I integrate three major areas of expertise: consulting, coaching and facilitation.


I specialise in:

  • In need of growth? Identifying challenges and growth areas where a participatory process is followed in which all of the various aspects of your company are explored in depth.
  • In need of vision clarification? Clarifying the vision of your company, setting out the necessary steps in order to achieve this vision, identifying possible obstacles and planning for the future.
  • Struggling with teams and staff issues? Creating leaders in your team, establishing connection and effective communication as well as building a firm relationship base between all the various members of the team and organisation.
  • Training: leadership-, communication- quality and process-training as well as project management.